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Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd. the owner of EZCast brand, was established in 2006 with trademarks registered and patents approved in 30+ countries. From SoC chips, system solutions to cloud platform integration, our expertise in vertically integrating technology and supply chains allows us to provide the complete display transmission solutions. Our in-house developed SoCs convert the display into transmittable formats for WiFi, ethernet and USB transmission. With more than 100 talented employees from Asia, North America and different regions around the world, our R&D team strives for perfection in every aspect of making display content viewing and sharing experiences easier than ever before. ActionsMicro has a strong belief in the future world with easy and cheap display exchange and without traditional display cables. To optimize and popularize wireless displays for eliminating display cables, ActionsMicro’s vision is to provide wireless display solutions with high image quality, small form factor, low latency, low power consumption and most importantly, affordable cost. For facilitating and display capture, exchange and extension, ActionsMicro is devoted to provide cost-effective, highly integrated, zero latency display over Ethernet and USB solutions.

Company vision

We have a company vision of future display transmission

1. Based on compression technology

2. Leveraging existing networking structures

3. Based on ethernet switching for long range usage

4. Based on WiFi for short range cable replacement

5. Display is a part of networking

We will overcome the WiFi display challenges:

1. High Quality(Visually lossless)

2. Zero Latency(<1ms)

3. Small form factor

4. Low cost

5. Low power


  • Actions Microelectronics was established in Beijing, China

  • Established offices in Taipei and Shenzhen

  • Patented USB display technology

    Released the first mini projector using proprietary SoC

    Reached the milestone of one million IC sold

  • Launched the wireless presentation solutions for enterprise and education markets

  • Reached the half a million chipset sold milestone for the screen mirroring market

    Reached the 10M chipset sold milestone in the digital photo frame market

  • Launched the proprietary cross-platform EZCast wireless display technology

  • Proprietary solution used by more than half of top 10 projector brands

  • Launched EZCast Pro series for enterprise and education wireless display markets

    Collaborated with Texas instruments to develop the latest 1080p HD projector solution

  • Launched EZCast 4K products with 802.11ac support

    Launched EZCast Wire technology to plug-and-mirror iOS and android mobile devices via USB cables

  • Launched EZCast Pro Box and EZLauncher

    Released EZMira app and EZCast app 2.0

  • Launched EZCast Pro II, QuattroPod, and EZCast Beam projectors

    Launched the ProXast app for 1-to-many wireless dislay solution

    Voice control integration of EZCast solution with smart speakers

  • QuattroPod was awarded the Best Choice Award during Computex 2019

    Launched EZCast Magic series to eqip networking devices with wireless display capability

    Launched EZCast Module series and related with wireless display features

  • Launched dual band Wi-Fi adapters, including 5200 and 5201, to add 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities to legacy laptops and projectors

    Launched EZCast & QuattroPod modules for TV, monitor and projector applications to add wireless display features to existing designs

  • Launched new products including EZCast TX and QuattroPod U01transmitter to provide better compatibility for the user

    Introduced a new line of merchandise, EZCast ProAV, to the market to provide solutions for long-distance transmission

  • Introduced EZCast Sync Display technology based AM837x Chipsets

    Introduced AM835x UVC Capture Chipsets, up to 4K 30P display

    Introduced the smallest factor WiFi display encoder chipsets, AM8360D


We know the world as well as the world knows us

EZCast is trusted by a huge network of global strategic partners, and works closely with many well-known brands around the world.

Global users

Our worldwide users grow rapidly

EZCast has more than 10M users around the world who use the complete EZCast solution for work and leisure applications.

We know it best and do it well, from A to Z.

EZCast is known for our expertise in the entire hardware production process, from start to finish

From SoC development to PCB design, manufacturing to quality assurance, EZCast is an expert in managing the supply chain and manufacturing process to make sure only the best quality products are presented to our customers.