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Established in 2006 with 30+ countries' trademarks and patents. From SoC chips to cloud platform integration, our vertical expertise enables complete display transmission solutions.

Our in-house developed SoCs convert displays into WiFi, ethernet, and USB transmittable formats. With 100+ talented global employees, we strive for easy display content sharing.

Our vision is a cable-free world with affordable wireless display solutions of high quality, small form factor, low latency, and low power consumption. Facilitating display capture, exchange, and extension, ActionsMicro is committed to cost-effective, integrated, and zero latency Ethernet and USB solutions.

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Cast together, streaming the world.

From SoC chips to cloud platform integration, our vertical expertise enables complete display transmission solutions.

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Compact Display

High display compression ratio, low bandwidth requirement and visually lossy in quality with 50-100 ms latency. Perfect for WiFi display, Presentation and Video.

Sync Display

Low display compression ratio, high bandwidth requirement with visually lossless in quality and low latency (under 1ms). Perferct for ethernet display and Graphic or Video.

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Answering AV over IP common questions

The concept of AV over IP has existed over the past decade but is just now becoming known. Due to its ability to transmit data from multiple sources to numerous outputs, it has revolutionized the A/V industry. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they can use their home or business network to transmit audio, HD, and 4K HDR signals. This article will answer some common questions about AV over IP and will teach you how to take full advantage of it.


How AV for Churches can Enhance Services?

AV for churches might be more important than what you think. The number of churches is increasing year by year around the globe. We usually perceive houses of worship as traditional and old-fashioned. Many have amazing architecture but their pews remain empty because their visuals and acoustics aren’t up to the task. However, some other churches are leading the way in implementing new technology and engaging worshippers. Instead of just using a public address system consisting of only a microphone, mixer, and loudspeakers. Several churches are implementing the latest cutting-edge audio/video technologies to achieve higher engagements for church members.


The Trend that is Revolutionizing the AV industry-AV over IP

The next big trend for the audio-visual industry is the move toward networking AV and the products and services that it will bring. The leading players of the industry are implementing this technology in a wide variety of areas, like IT management, security systems, corporate communications, entertainment, and more!

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