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Answering AV over IP common questions

The concept of AV over IP has existed over the past decade but is just now becoming known. Due to its ability to transmit data from multiple sources to numerous outputs, it has revolutionized the A/V industry. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they can use their home or business network to transmit audio, HD, and 4K HDR signals. This article will answer some common questions about AV over IP and will teach you how to take full advantage of it.

What is AV over IP?

AV over IP (or networked AV as it is commonly referred to) stands for Audiovisual over Internet Protocol. This is simply the delivery of AV signals over an Ethernet network, such as HD video (HDMI, DVI), audio, and peripheral signals (USB, IR). It means that you can switch audiovisual data as well as control signals over a standard Ethernet network, such as a LAN, WAN, or the Internet.

In AV over IP, the AV transmitters are called encoders and the AV receivers are called decoders. The AV matrix switcher becomes a standard IP switch.

What are the advantages of AV over IP?

Easy Installation: Installation is simple with AV over IP because it does not require advanced training/certification/staff. Simply plug the Cat5e/Cat6 cables into the Ethernet ports and devices are ready to go. An AV over IP setup eliminates point-to-point connections. Thus, making changes or replacing pieces will be easier.

Cost Savings: As the AV-over-IP products are flexible and scalable, entrepreneurs can start with a small scale of A/V systems and gradually expand the scale along with the growth of their business. Moreover, these products use Cat5e/6 cables and network routers/switches, making installation simpler. As a consequence, you will spend less time and labor cost moving and/or scaling an AV-over-IP system thanks to its adoption of Cat5/6 cables and network routers/switches.

Long-distance Transmission: AV-over-IP products are an alternative to traditional AV products, in which long-distance transmission was a challenge due to its high cost and inflexibility. Today’s AV-over-IP products can leverage your current Internet infrastructure and highly reduce the cost of long-distance transmission. Another reason is that CAT5e or CAT6 cables are more affordable and can result in one-tenth cost compared to traditional AV products. Although the maximum distance of an Ethernet cable is around 100 meters, you can simply add switches to extend your signal transmission.

Scalability and Flexibility: In the past, the number of displays you could reach was usually determined by the number of ports on the transmitter or video splitter. AV over IP eliminates this limitation. For example, if you had a 4-port splitter and you needed 5 displays, you had to replace the whole system. With the new AV-over-IP systems, there is no limit to the number of devices. EZCast ProAV supports up to 255 channels. You can thus switch to a different display by pairing the channels. In case of physical port limitations, you can expand by connecting multiple IP switches. By doing so, you can scale the number of ports according to your needs more conveniently. In addition, you do not need to install separate audio and video cabling with AV over IP technology because you can leverage your existing network infrastructure to distribute audio and video.

What are the Applications of AV-over-IP Systems?

We can see this technology being implemented in a wide range of areas:

Retail Stores: In retail stores, AV-over-IP appliances can be set up on digital signages. Store owners can decide what videos they want to display to entice customers into a specific area.

Corporate Communications: This technology can be used to inform, educate, advertise, or entertain staff or customers depending on companies’ demands.

Command and Control: When multi-user access or switching becomes a  necessity, an AV-over-IP system is required.

Security: Multiple encoders can be installed on various cameras and one or multiple decoders can be installed on the monitoring room. Security guards can switch the channels to which they want to monitor. 

Exhibitions, concerts, and displays: If you have ever attended an exhibition, conference, concert, or other events, you have probably seen this technology in use, especially in the area of staging.

Fixed Installations: Encoders and decoders can be employed in universities, airports, malls, and enterprises, for example at the stage, or showing some certain information such as flight information.

Which is the Best AV over IP solution?

EZCast Pro, the leading provider of wireless display that powers businesses both large and small businesses, unveiled the new EZCast ProAV series. The manufacturer’s first IP-based AV solution, EZCast ProAV, is developed with a flexible modular design to integrate extenders, splitters, and switches at the same time. This means no more spending on complex and expensive matrix switch equipment.

Besides all the advantages that IP-based solutions have, EZCast ProAV encoders and decoders can manage all the display screens with the Central Management System (CMS).  This massively powerful tool will help you to simplify the management of screen displaying.

(Click the image above to watch the video.)

1.   Buy exactly what you need:  Say “No” to 8×8 for the need of only 5×4

2.   flexible module design for multiple application scenarios at the same time

3.   Cost Effective: Affordable long-distance transmission with CAT5e or CAT6 LAN cables

4.   Universal networking protocol: Leverage your existing conventional L2 Switches

Why should I invest in AV over IP Products?

Upgrading to IP-based solutions to transmit audiovisual signals can benefit you in many ways. These solutions are scalable and can support any audio or video format. In addition, they are also cost-effective. It helps you avoid buying expensive AV switches and manage a large number of displays from one investment. As a result, you will be able to remotely access and control your AV system in an efficient way. Save money and save effort today with EZCast ProAV!

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