About us


Established in 2006, Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and its EZCast technology brand vigorously promote display encoding transmission. They compress and encode display data, transmitting it via WiFi, Ethernet, and USB. Leveraging self-developed SoC integration chips, they enable remote signal extension, close-range wireless transmission, USB connectivity, and conversion. Encoding, networking, wireless capabilities, and interchangeability define future trends, which Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd. aims to spearhead and drive forward.

Visions and Missions

Visions and Missions

In the coming decade, we envision a transformative shift in display technology towards seamless networking and wireless capabilities. Leveraging our foundational SoC chip development and proprietary software protocols, Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd. aims to introduce a cost-effective solution offering exceptional high quality, minimal latency, compact design, and low power consumption. This advancement seeks to redefine the future of displays by enabling wireless connectivity for close-range displays and networked transmission for distant ones.

Challenges to overcome with

Visually lossless Zero Latency Small form factor Low cost Low power

We Know the World as Well as The World Knows Us

Actions-Micro is trusted by a huge network of global strategic partners, and works closely with many well-known brands around the world.

We Know It Best and Do It Well, from A to Z

Actions-Micro collaborates comprehensively with clients, spanning SoC chip development, software protocols, circuit design, RF planning, production guidance, and supply chain integration. Our aim? Speedily deliver top-notch products to the market.

Trust by Global Users

Actions-Micro has more than 10M users around the world who use the complete wireless display solutions for work and leisure applications.