Career Partners

We are seeking reliable, pragmatic professionals to build long-term career partnerships. Here, we provide real opportunities for career growth to achieve common objectives.

Whether you are a technical expert, a marketing professional, or an innovator, we welcome your involvement. Our team hails from around the world, collaborating together to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients.

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Collaboration and Alignment

Our team not only collaborates on business matters but also aligns with shared philosophies. Here, mutual respect thrives, encouraging continuous improvement as we collectively strive toward the company's goals. We look forward to your inclusion as one of our many outstanding team members, collectively achieving excellence.

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Bonus / Stock offering

Employee bonus

Reward / Gifts

  • Year-end bonus (fixed to salary of 1 month)
  • Bonuses on Dragon Boat and Mid Autumn Festivals (fixed to salary of 0.5 month for each)
  • Birthday cash gift


  • Labor insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Group insurance


Department dinner


  • Comprehensive educational trainings
  • Fluent job position raising

Leave / Rest system

  • Two-day weekend
  • Special leave / Annual leave (proportional special leave available in the first year on vocation)
  • Compensated leave (compensated leave available for the ones getting overtime on holidays)
  • Marriage leave
  • Funeral leave
  • Maternity leave, antenatal care leave, paternity leave
  • Paid sick leave (total 7days with payment in one year)
  • Menstrual leave for female employee
  • Breastfeeding leave for female employee


Employee health examination


  • Wedding gift money
  • Bearing gift money

Be a Part of Actions-Micro

You may send your resume directly to the Human Resources Department via email. If you have any supplementary documents or information, please feel free to include them. We look forward to receiving your application.