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2024 EZCast Brochure & Upcoming Wireless 1-to-2 and Portrait Display for Endless Possibilities

As a future display technology provider, we have continuously introduced innovative products in point-to-point transmitters and receivers throughout 2023. This includes the EZCast Pocket and Compact Mate series, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the wireless display to seamlessly integrate into various aspects of life. As these products gain popularity, we are excited to present our latest product brochure for the new year 2024, showcasing the evolving wireless display technology and superior product versions.

Compact Mate: Smallest Alternative to HDMI Cables

Building on the success of Compact Mate 2 and Compact Mate 4 from the previous year, the latest Compact Mate 5 marks a significant step forward in both design and functionality. By refining its industrial design and employing high-quality materials, it achieves enhanced heat dissipation, a critical aspect for maintaining optimal performance. This improvement not only boosts transmission stability but also renders the device particularly adept for long-term use. Consequently, it emerges as a perfect companion for mobile devices such as the iPhone 15 and a range of tablets, guaranteeing dependable performance even during extended periods of use.

EZCast Pocket 4K: High-Picture Quality Unveiled

Following the success of last year's hot-selling EZCast Pocket, which addressed the spatial limitations of traditional HDMI cables, we continue to evolve by optimizing features and image quality. The all-new EZCast Pocket 4K not only supports the existing 1080p/60fps but also introduces a 4K/30fps option to meet the demands of users seeking higher display quality.

Upcoming Release: Mini Pocket with Advanced 1-to-2 Feature 

The Mini Pocket represents a significant evolution from the EZCast Pocket, emphasizing a more compact design for enhanced portability. In contrast to the EZCast Pocket Type-C transmitter, which relies on connected devices like phones and tablets for power and doesn't allow for charging the device while in use, the Mini Pocket stands out. Its USB-C transmitter is equipped with a Type-C PD 60W fast charge feature. This innovation enables users to use the Mini Pocket while simultaneously charging their devices, effectively addressing the issue of power depletion during extended activities such as movie watching or presentation delivery.

Moreover, the Mini Pocket is gearing up to offer a 1-to-2 (One Transmitter and Two Receivers) functionality. This capability allows the projection of a Type-C device's screen onto two separate displays concurrently. Previously, such a feature was only available in sophisticated, high-end enterprise wireless presentation systems. The introduction of this feature in the Mini Pocket significantly enhances its value, making it suitable for a broader spectrum of creative and varied use cases.

(Stay tuned for a Mini Pocket 1-to-2 demo video release soon.)

Upcoming Release: Staying Trendy with Portrait Display 

To align with the current trend of vertical video services and social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, we are actively developing the Portrait Display feature. This allows the projected image to rotate, presenting optimally on vertical TVs. Whether for home entertainment or meeting spaces, it keeps you up with trends seamlessly.

(Stay tuned for a Portrait Display demo video release soon.)

Elevate Your Wireless Display Experience with EZCast in 2024!

As we step into the new year, EZCast remains at the forefront of wireless display technology with cutting-edge products. Don't miss out on the endless possibilities that EZCast offers for your needs! Whether for entertainment or business, immerse yourself in the convenience and excellence of our wireless display solutions. To explore the full spectrum of our products and features, download our latest brochure now:

Download 2024 EZCast Brochure

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