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Your Smartphone Can Also Be Used as a Computer Host - These Brands Support It

The smartphone/tablet desktop mode is a convenient special feature that provides users with a desktop-like experience by connecting their smartphones/tablets to external displays such as TVs or monitors. This enables users to conveniently use smartphone functions on a larger screen, similar to operating a computer.

By connecting a keyboard and mouse to the smartphone and tablet, users can also perform computer-like tasks on the big screen.

To use your smartphone's desktop mode, keep the following points in mind:

Your smartphone needs to support Type-C DP (DisplayPort) video output and have built-in desktop mode functionality. For example, Huawei smartphones have PC mode, and Samsung smartphones have DeX mode (primarily for Android systems).

Prepare a Type-C to HDMI high-definition cable or a wireless display transmitter and receiver kit that supports Type-C DP output.

How to Use Smartphone Desktop Mode

Samsung DeX - Samsung's Desktop Experience:

Connecting the Device: Use a Type-C version data cable or a wireless transmitter to connect your Samsung smartphone to an external display (such as a TV or computer monitor).

Enable DeX Mode: Once connected, you'll see the DeX icon in your phone's notification bar. Click the DeX icon in the notification bar and select "Enable" to enter DeX mode.

Operating Interface: Once in DeX mode, you'll see an interface similar to a traditional computer desktop. You can use a mouse and keyboard for navigation.

Running Applications: Click on application icons on the screen to run apps, or use the taskbar for multitasking.

Huawei PC Mode - Huawei's Multi-Screen Collaboration:

Connecting the Device: Use an appropriate connecting cable or a wireless video transmitter to connect your Huawei smartphone to an external display.

Enable Projection: In your phone's settings, find the "Multi-Screen Collaboration" option and enable it. Select "Projection," then choose the external display as the projection target.

Operating Interface: Once connected, you'll see the interface of your Huawei smartphone on the external display. You can use a mouse and keyboard to navigate the phone interface.

Running Applications: Click on application icons on the screen to run apps, or use the taskbar for multitasking.

Plug and Play, Efficient and User-Friendly

When using desktop mode, you need to connect your phone to a monitor/TV through wireless display transmitters, Type-C to HDMI connectors, or docking stations. After a successful connection, the phone and monitor interfaces resemble Windows system interfaces, allowing users to run different applications on both screens simultaneously.

For example, in daily office work, if you need to temporarily edit files on your phone, you can use EZCast's wireless video transmitter for wireless desktop mode expansion.

The Type-C transmitter versions of EZCast Pocket and EZCast Compact Mate support DP video output, allowing you to transmit your phone screen to a remote large-screen TV or projector through your phone or tablet's Type-C interface.

Additionally, EZCast's wireless display solution uses the new AM8300 series chip, with power consumption as low as 1.5 watts, significantly reducing power requirements for mobile devices and prolonging screencasting battery life.

When using desktop mode, users can also connect wireless peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse to achieve computer-like functionality.

Furthermore, you can click on the bottom left corner of the phone screen to use your phone as a "touchpad" for operations. After confirming, the phone will display a rectangular touch operation area, with operation icons in the upper right corner.

In summary, smartphone desktop mode enriches the utility of smartphones, extending the small screen experience to a larger one. The connection process for smartphones from various brands is simple and user-friendly, with a low learning curve for users.

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