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Low Latency vs. High-Quality Wireless Display Modes: Exploring Different Wireless Display Experiences!

EZCast Pocket is a wireless display HDMI transmitter and receiver kit that serves as a substitute for HDMI cables in various settings like conference rooms or classrooms.

It allows you to wirelessly mirror the screens of your mobile devices such as computers, set-top boxes, and tablets onto display terminals like TVs and projectors.

Choosing Between Low Latency and High Quality: Exploring the Best Option for Your Needs.

Choose Between 50ms Latency or Full HD 1080P for EZCast Pocket.

We've recently added a new feature called "Image Mode" to EZCast Pocket, allowing users to select either low latency or high quality, depending on their specific needs.

In this Image Mode, you have the option to go for low latency, which minimizes screen delay to as low as 50 milliseconds but may sacrifice a bit of resolution and clarity.

Alternatively, you can opt for high quality, providing you with crisp full HD 1080P resolution, though with a slightly higher screen delay. The choice is yours to make, depending on your preferences and requirements.

Low Latency Mode

Experience seamless wireless gaming with reduced latency.

Wireless display latency is primarily determined by the encoding and decoding performance of devices. Longer encoding and decoding times result in higher latency.

The Low Latency Mode aims to maintain acceptable visual quality while enhancing video encoding and decoding efficiency. However, this comes at the expense of some aspects of image resolution, clarity, contrast, and color.

The Low Latency Mode is suitable for applications sensitive to delay, including:

  • Real-time interaction and collaboration

  • Gaming with real-time screen transmission

  • Live streaming

High Quality Mode

This mode is perfect for movies and TV shows.

The High Quality Mode aims to faithfully recreate the most realistic visual representation, preserving the original resolution details, colors, contrast, and more.

For users less sensitive to latency, such as those requiring clearer visuals for image display, video presentations, and entertainment purposes, the High Quality mode is the preferred choice.

The High Quality Mode is suitable for stable, clear demonstrations and viewing scenarios, including:

  • Product presentations

  • Business speeches

  • Audiovisual entertainment

Under the High Quality mode, especially when viewed from a distance or when not critically focused on details (such as during PowerPoint presentations or static document displays), the image performance is comparable to the Low Latency mode.

However, upon close inspection, especially for content-rich scenes, subtle differences can be noticed. The High Quality Mode provides crisper visuals, reduced aliasing effects, and more true-to-life colors, while the Low Latency mode might lack some image details.

Which Mode to Choose?

In most cases, considering that modern TVs typically have a 10-20ms inherent display latency, Pocket's Low Latency mode offers an overall delay of around 50ms. This mode is ideal for real-time interactive livestreaming and pairing with gaming consoles.

On the other hand, the High Quality mode focuses on delivering clear visuals and true colors. EZCast Pocket's High Quality mode can provide high-quality wireless display to satisfy various needs, such as business meetings, presentations, and educational lectures.

If you already own an EZCast Pocket, you can refer to the product's user manual below and update its firmware to the latest version based on your specific needs.

If you haven't yet acquired an EZCast Pocket, you can visit our Amazon store to select the appropriate product and experience the advanced wireless display technology.

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