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EZCast Unveils Exciting New Innovations at CES Exhibition

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 2023 EZCast, a leading brand in wireless display technology, recently attended the CES 2023 exhibition and unveiled a variety of new innovations. 

Among these were the EZCast Pocket, a wireless display transmitter and receiver kit; the EZCast Beam J4a, an Android-powered portable Wi-Fi projector; the EZCast CatchU, a capture box for game streaming; and the EZCast Ultra, a 4K HDR home entertainment solution.

In addition, EZCast introduced the EZCast ProAV products that are scalable and flexible audio/video extending solutions perfect for building digital signage and advertisements, as well as the QuattroPod T02+ and QuattroPod Meets, which allow for convenient screen mirroring in enterprises, touchscreen and more.

EZCast Pocket: A Convenient and Versatile Wireless Display Solution

The EZCast Pocket is a simple and convenient solution for wirelessly displaying content. The kit consists of a transmitter and a receiver that support full HD transmission and screen mirroring, and can be used to multitask wirelessly or watch movies, photos and apps on a bigger screen. Simply plug and play without the need to install any apps or connect to a Wi-Fi network. The EZCast Pocket can be connected with USB-C for laptops and mobile devices that support DisplayPort Alt Mode. It can also be connected with HDMI for devices such as PCs, Android TVs, IPTV boxes, and Blu-ray players. It is now available to pre-order at the EZCast official online store.

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EZCast Pocket and EZCast Ultra  on display at CES.

EZCast Pocket and EZCast Ultra  on display at CES.

EZCast Ultra: A 4K HDR Home Entertainment Solution for the Ultimate Audio-Visual Experience

The EZCast Ultra is a 4K HDR home entertainment solution that provides ultimate audio-visual enjoyment. It has a sleek and compact design, and features an intuitive user interface for easy navigation. At CES 2023 EZCast presented the new upgraded EZCast Ultra with peer-to-peer AirPlay mode. The EZCast Ultra now allows for screen mirroring from an iPhone, iPad (iOS) or MacBook (MacOS) without a Wi-Fi connection through its new Peer-to-Peer AirPlay feature.

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Effortless Connectivity: USB-C Supported Wireless Display Devices

EZCast also showcased devices that support DisplayPort Alt Mode and that embrace the USB-C ecosystem ( like  tablets, laptops, and Android phones).

Including the EZCast Beam J4a, an ultra-portable pico projector that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a built-in Aptoide TV, which allows users to easily download popular streaming apps such as Netflix and YouTube and play content on the big screen.

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EZCast Twinx is a universal screen mirroring and extending solution that doesn’t require configuration. With just one click it can display Full HD streaming.

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EZCast Beam J4a Portable Pico Projector at the CES booth.

EZCast Beam J4a Portable Pico Projector at the CES booth.

EZCast CatchU: A Must-Have Tool for Mobile Game Streamers

The EZCast CatchU is a capture box designed for game streaming. It allows users to easily record to external storage with just one click, and also supports 1080p60 UVC output. It is designed specifically for capturing mobile games, and can be used with popular streaming tools such as OBS Studio, Xsplit, and Potplayer.

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EZCast Beam CatchU  capture card  shown at the  CES exhibition.

EZCast Beam CatchU  capture card  shown at the  CES exhibition.

EZCast ProAV: A Cost-Effective and Efficient ProAV Solution

In addition to these product releases, EZCast also introduced the EZCast ProAV which costs less than one-tenth of traditional ProAV equipment due to its simplified and unified transmitter and receiver design, economical LAN backbone of Fast Ethernet, and simple deployment configurations.

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The EZCastPro brand showcased the EZCast Pro AV product and its features at the event.

The EZCastPro brand showcased the EZCast ProAV product and its features at the event.

EZCast's QuattroPod T02+ and QuattroPod Meets: Streamlined Screen Mirroring for Enhanced Productivity in Enterprise Settings

Finally, EZCast introduced the QuattroPod T02 and QuattroPod Meets, solutions for convenient screen mirroring in enterprise environments. The new QuattroPod T02+ allows users to bring their own device (laptop or phone) to meetings and connect wirelessly, without needing any software installation. The QuattroPod T02+ allows for secure wireless display transmission with support for 1-to-many display multicasting and 4-to-1 split screen with up to four transmitters. It also enables a document view camera through HDMI and allows anyone in the room or remotely to present. The device is compatible with major UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

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Meanwhile the QuattroPod Meets application empowers Android devices and tablets with Wi-Fi display capability. Both solutions provide a convenient and productive way for users to collaborate.

The new EZCast Pro products and app were demonstrated at the event.

The new EZCast Pro products and app were demonstrated at the event.

The EZCast Booth was popular among the CES 2023 attendees.

In conclusion, EZCast's attendance at CES was a success, with the unveiling of a variety of new and innovative products. The company's lineup of new products at CES showcased their dedication to popularizing wireless display technology around the world and driving the future of the industry. Overall, EZCast's presence at CES was well-received and left a lasting impression on attendees.

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